‘Tamil Rockerz’ season 1 review: Predictable storytelling that wastes potential

It's no question that the scandalous film robbery site Tamilrockers holds a wretched spot throughout the entire existence of southern Indian film. The pack behind the scandalous site was infamous for daringly declaring their large holes. 

The namelessness of this gathering additionally cleared way for the vast majority scheme stories, with some in any event, connecting them to a global organization. In light of everything, this is a substantial story that can possibly make for an arresting watch. In Sony LIV's web series Tamil Rockerz, 

We are acquainted with this world through a 4am demonstration of a major star discharge. The film amazingly gets released internet based only minutes into the show, prompting the self destruction of the film's maker. The makers' gathering presently faces colossal tension, 

Confronting tremendous tension from all interested individuals, DIG Sandeep Menon chooses ACP Rudra (Arun Vijay) to head an extraordinary group,

Priorities straight, to watch this series calmly, one needs to deliberately relinquish the requirement for lip-sync. All through its eight-episode long length, the series has horrendous lip-sync and silly audio effects that influences the survey insight.

The greatest issue with the series, be that as it may, is in how the hero Rudra is composed and the way in which the series winds around his circular segment. The very presentation scene of Rudra is a disaster area