Monaco F1 practice traffic sent Tsunoda's feeling of anxiety "over the cutoff"


Tsunoda was heard whining over the radio to his AlphaTauri F1 colleagues all through the two meetings in Monaco on Friday,

FP1, I began truly sort of shouty, without a doubt, less shouty than in Barcelona," Tsunoda made sense of after FP2 in Monaco on Friday.

Basically every push lap, I got traffic and FP2 was essentially a comparable circumstance

Loads of things were turning out badly. My anxiety went over the cutoff.

I should say, I'm super content with this Friday regarding execution," Gasly said

However, generally I'm really satisfied, and we'll attempt to do a stage forward again for later

We were most certainly consistently on top of the midfield, so that is truly sure. Clearly we are taking a stab in the driver's seat, as you would anticipate in Monaco