Kennett boy finalist in USA Mullet competition

KENNETT, Mo. (KFVS) - A Kennett is in the running for a major award, in the event that his mane is casted a ballot preeminent. Zander Trainer is one of 25 finalists in the Kids Division of the USA Mullet Championships. Deciding in favor of the opposition started web-based Monday, 

Assuming he comes out on top for the championship of Best Kids Mullet in America, Gabby shared on Facebook that Zander needs to get 

In all, out of the 25 finalists, there are four contestants from Missouri, but Zander is the only one from southeast Missouri.

another soil bicycle, give a portion of the rewards to the Autism Charity, to get his brother and sister a toy and save the rest.

It seems like Zander will be a champ in the challenge regardless of whether he win the $2,500 thousand award. 

Gabby says Zander's father will give him $50 for each 100 votes he gets. Click here to make your choice for the following mullet champ.