Kejriwal furious after CBI action, tweets photo of New York Times, says "while the world applauds..."

Boss Minister Arvind Kejriwal has communicated his indignation after the CBI attacked Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia's home. He has affirmed that the activity is being taken simply because it is being valued at the global level.

"At the point when Delhi's schooling strategy is being adulated and Manish Sisodia's photo has showed up in America's biggest paper New York Times, the Center has sent CBI to Manish Sisodia's home," Kejriwal said.

Welcome to the CBI. We will collaborate completely. There have been attacks previously and requests have been made. Be that as it may, nothing emerged from this, nothing will come out this time as well," Arvind Kejriwal has communicated his conviction.

Last month, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena had prescribed a CBI test to test inconsistencies in the Delhi extract strategy. For this situation, he had likewise made a suspension move against 11 Excise authorities. Critically, Manish Sisodia likewise requested a CBI test.

"The CBI has come and they are gladly received. We tell the truth. We are accomplishing crafted by building the eventual fate of lakhs of kids. One who accomplishes great work is given comparable difficulty. This is the setback of our country.

Too, "We will completely help out the CBI with the goal that reality comes out soon. Up until this point many bodies of evidence have been recorded against me however nothing has emerged from them.