Front page report about Delhi government schools is not paid!

The New York Times has said that the first page report distributed by it about Delhi government schools is certainly not a paid story.

Prior BJP had formally claimed that the report distributed on the first page of New York Times is a paid information/ad.

The IT cells of the Aam Aadmi Party and BJP had met on the issue since the CBI assaulted Manish Sisodia's home earlier today. 

Paritosh Singh-Sir, I have concentrated on in America. Seriously, they are a long ways in front of us. Presently what occurred in Delhi School that NYT got dazzled with him.

I have been in news-casting for around 35 forty years. The Delhi-based delegate of the New York Times is a close companion. 

 My driver's name is Anand Bist, BJP ally yet two kids concentrate on in Delhi government school +91 99102 30675, this is his number, ask what was the deal?