Footage emerges of moment Andrew Tate got brutally knocked out during kickboxing bout

The 35-year-old isn't the most famous individual around right now, generally because of his really nauseating perspectives on ladies.

In his recordings, he jumps at the chance to depict himself as an apex predator, who 'overwhelms' and can't be bested.

In a past life, Tate was an expert kickboxer, turning into a hero on four events and coming out on top for ISKA titles in two different weight divisions.

In 2012, the web-based entertainment character contended at the Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators competition, and went facing Franci Graj.

Once more the last blow comes as Tate, nicknamed the 'Cobra', starts to crease into a folded wreck and is kicked in the head.

"Just a single time in 87 battles, which is great for a vocation. I wouldn't agree that it harms. You don't recall a lot, it's similar as a fantasy. That is no joke."

Tate was taken out in the primary round. Credit: Enfusion 3 Tate was taken out in the principal round. Credit: Enfusion 3 The clasp will most likely enjoyment Tate's faultfinders, who have reprimanded him for sharing a few stunning perspectives via virtual entertainment.