BTS' Jungkook wants fans to think this about him when they see his photo folio Time Difference. Watch

BTS organization BigHit Music on Thursday uncovered the see photographs of Special 8 Photo-Folio of Me, Myself, and Jung Kook Time Difference. Taking to Twitter, the organization additionally said that the delivery date of the photobook is September 1, Jungkook's birthday. In the photos,

Responding to the post, a BTS ARMY said, "Jungkook wasn't lying when he said 'if it's not too much trouble, sit tight for provocative Jungkook sometime later'." Another fan remarked, "Save this image, screen capture it, make a PowerPoint out of it, present it, project in a wall, filter it, 

Prior, BangtanTV shared an in the background video on YouTube of Jungkook talking about the photobook, sharing directives for the ARMY and discussing the shoot. He said, "I've never done something like this without anyone else

ngkook likewise said in the video, "I ordinarily don't have this much enthusiasm for delivering, however this time it was unique." He said that he maintained that it should be pleasant for the watchers, "'When Jungkook dedicates himself to it,

According to the authority explanation, shared on Weverse, Jungkook will highlight as a vampire in the photobook. The assertion read, "The idea of the photobook communicating the Time Difference between the constantly, shows how a human becomes powerless against the daylight (Day)

In this photobook, around 80 pages of Jungkook's photographs depicted in red, dim and dark will be seen. The photobook likewise incorporates a scaled down banner, organizer banner, stamp, photograph card, an irregular photograph card and a wine liner. There is likewise a mystery segment toward the finish of the photobook. Aside from Jungkook,