Breaking: A 4-storey building collapsed in Borivali, some people are feared to be trapped under the rubble!

A 4 celebrated Gitanjali working in Saibaba Nagar in Borivali has imploded. When the episode was accounted for, the fire unit promptly arrived at the spot and began the salvage activity.

A four-story building imploded in Borivali in the early evening while Dahi Handi was going all out wherever in Mumbai. This building is situated in Saibaba Nagar, Borivali West. 

Gitanjali, a four celebrated working close to the Saibaba sanctuary, unexpectedly fell. A fire unit group and a police group have arrived at the spot. 

Because of this, the earnestness of the episode has expanded. Salvage activities are in progress at the scene and would anyone say anyone is caught under the garbage?