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Confronting gigantic tension from all interested individuals, DIG Sandeep Menon delegates ACP Rudra (Arun Vijay) to head an exceptional group, comprising of digital measurable official Sandhya (Vani Bhojan), 

Priorities straight, to watch this series calmly, one needs to deliberately relinquish the requirement for lip-sync. All through its eight-episode long term, 

Presently, the teleplay of Tamil Rockerz is set up such that the day preceding the film's delivery, when the hole is set to occur, is the 'ticking delayed bomb'. Be that as it may, there barely comes a second where we really feel the tension or the desperation, 

the producers even expose the guilty parties — the individuals from the puzzling gathering — in the subsequent episode and consequently it doesn't turn into a whodunnit too. As a matter of fact, even the history of how and why the Tamil Rockerz came to be is unsurprising.

The greatest issue with the series, nonetheless, is in how the hero Rudra is composed and the way in which the series winds around his circular segment. The very presentation scene of Rudra is a disaster area. The scene is meant to show how merciless Rudra is that he even leaves line to get equity.

Having shown everything, the series proceeds to compare the examination account with scenes from Rudra's origin story notwithstanding previously letting us know its destiny. This evident instrument to cause us to feel for the cop, 

The series additionally experiences in how a few scenes, in any event, when composed well, are put. For example, MS Bhaskar shows up in quite possibly of the most ridiculously contacting, unfortunate scene in the whole series.