Appointment of Vice-Chancellors to three Universities - Notification of Governor

Lead representative RN Ravi has selected bad habit chancellors to three colleges of the state while the state government has not endorsed the law passed by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly to delegate college bad habit chancellors.

In such manner, in a public statement gave by the Governor's House, Dr. N. Chandrasekaran has been named as the Vice-Chancellor of Tirunelveli Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Dr. G. Ravi as the Vice-Chancellor of Karaikudi Alagappa University and T Arumugam as the Vice-Chancellor of Vellore Thiruvalluvar University.

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Dr. G. Ravi, who has been selected as the new Vice-Chancellor of Karaikudi Alagappa University, has over 27 years of instructing and research insight and 7 years of regulatory experience.

It was additionally educated that the arrangement will be taking effect right now and will hold office for a time of three years. Be that as it may, the public statement didn't specify whether this choice was taken in meeting with the prevalently chose Tamil Nadu government.

There are 13 colleges working under the Government of Tamil Nadu. As per the University Acts, the Governor of Tamil Nadu was the Chancellor of the Universities by ideals of his situation as Governor (Ex-Officio Member). A delegate chose by individuals (Minister of Higher Education) was the Vice-Chancellor of these colleges.

The Governor used to designate the Vice-Chancellors of the University in discussion with the Government. For this situation, the DMK government passed a regulation in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly last April to lay out the express government's on the right track to delegate bad habit chancellors.